Wedding Films

Shale started playing around with video when we bought our drone and he fell in love with the editing process. Soon after he was recording anything and everything. With the passion he had it would have been silly for us to not add films to our business. In 2019, we decided to offer films on top of our photo packages. Since then, we have learned a massive amount! Every wedding has its unique set of challenges so we are always working hard to improve our shooting and editing skills to ensure the quality of our videos are always rising. With that said, we are proud to say that Shale has already won our business a Platinum Award for The Best Videographer Services.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words than a video must be worth at least 1.8 millions.”

Desta + Dermot | Highlight film

Emma & Dylan | Highlight film

Kaleigh & Brandon | Highlight film

Steph & Marshall | Highlight film

Steph & Jeff | full highlight film

Sarah + Brandon | Highlight film

Christi + Cam | full highlight film

Christi + Cams | Trailer film

Michelle + Dan | full highlight film

Michelle & Daniel | teaser film

Bill + Penny | full highlight film

Photo By David Warren

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Wedding films are so in right now! They are quickly taking over the wedding industry. If you want a video but aren't sure about cost, we do offer payment plans to help. If you want a wedding film but aren't sure if it's for you, don't take it from us; google reasons why you should get a video for your wedding day!

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