How do I shoot?

I lean towards documentary style. I like catching the authentic tears, the laughter from a funny joke, friends doing silly dances. This really helps you to remember how you felt during your wedding day while looking back at the photos!

When I shoot my couples I like to give prompts like hold her hand, twirl, whisper your favourite ice cream flavour. It sounds ridiculous, but thats when the real you can show through my lens. Anyone can just stand and smile, I want to capture your emotions!

Are You My Ideal client?

Down to earth? Fun??? Sounds like we will get along great! You're my people! Can't wait to meet you!

Want editor style? Tad bit controlling? Maybe another photographer will suit you better.

My ideal clients are couples who know that the number one reason why they are getting married is because they LOVE each other! Yes the wedding planning can cause stress. I get that, but are you going to cry or get mad over rain or your curls falling out? If so, we likely won't vibe.

If you're the type that is realistic to the fact that no matter how much articulate planning you put into your wedding day that things can and most likely will not go according to plan...then I would love to be a part of your day!

I find that when things don't go exactly to plan that is sometimes where the magic of life is. Think about some memories that you have. The most rememberable ones are when something unplanned happens! It's all in how you handle the situation! I have seen it all and I've seen how differently people have dealt with what goes wrong. If your veil rips, you get a stain on your dress (but don't worry I can help edit this out!), it rains, the flowers are the wrong colour, late guests and/or late wedding party, if children won't stop fussing and running around. These things can happen. You may have the most perfect day planned but imperfect can be perfect if you can see. If you live your life this way, I'm your girl.

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