We are a husband and wife team,

we live in a small town called Lakefield in Ontario but we love to travel worldwide. We are a team in business and partners in everyday life.

In our opinion (and experience) the worst thing about being photographed can be holding awkward poses and forcing fake smiles!...Of course we can take wall hanger portraits, but what we reeeally enjoy doing is capturing your authentic you. We love shooting in outdoor locations where you can relax and just be yourself while we give you prompts to create images that bring out your personalities. Though we love shooting in outdoor locations, studio sessions are available as well as intimate in home sessions; which are becoming our favourite!

Your wedding day only happens once, there are no redos of your big day and we take that very seriously. We are there to work. We have the knowledge and equipment to get the shots that you will cherish forever.

Hi, I'm Caitlynn Gage.

Most people call me Cait. My personality is a little mix of introvert and extrovert; basically I'm shy but outgoing. My nickname used to be "smiley" because I was always laughing and that's true still today. I laugh a lot and love to make the people around me laugh too!

My style when it comes to photography is emotional & story telling with "posed" or what I like to call "wall hangers" in the mix. During my photo sessions prepare to have fun because I will describe prompts for you to act out that will help capture the true you in your images. On your wedding day, I like to blend with your guests and find authentic moments to capture to document your day as it was felt.

Most people find it's comfortable to be themselves around me. I absolutely love when people allow their more real sides to show. With all that said, I am all about capturing moments as unique as the couple who are getting married!

<<photo by @cymbalistaphotography

Hi, I'm Shale Gage.

I discovered my love for making films unexpectedly. Photography, let alone videography was not on my list of hobbies or interests. When my wife Cait began her journey with photography, I found myself listening in on a lot of the courses she was taking and began asking her questions about how her camera worked. I guess I took an interest in the technical side of things. A camera went from something that you pointed at something and "just clicked a button" to a complicated tool. I bought a Drone to add to the business (and have a little fun) with intentions of just taking a few pictures. I soon found out that I could put together little videos with the editing software that came on my computer. I was hooked. I went from being a second photographer for weddings to getting my drone up as much as possible to making videos of anything to borrowing Cait's camera to make home videos of Christmas morning to our Niece's birthdays to finally buying myself some gear to film weddings properly. I have always had different hobbies and interests like playing guitar, piano, lifting weights and boxing but nothing has held my attention like shooting and editing wedding films.